Growing up in Philadelphia, I witnessed how primarily low-income communities were always in need of improvements to their basic infrastructure, economic development drivers, and social amenities.  

In 1973, I graduated Muhlenberg College with an undergraduate degree in political science.  I continually kept in contact with communities that were in dire need of improvements.  I asked myself, how do these communities voice their needs?  How does one prioritize infrastructure improvements?  What economic development engines work best, and which social amenities (parks, playgrounds, lighting, and sidewalks) will have the greatest positive impact on these communities?

Upon receiving my Masters of City and Regional Planning (MCRP) from Rutgers University (New Brunswick) in 1983, I began to work on various urban and regional projects in and around Philadelphia.  In March 1993, I created Eddie R. Battle Associates, Inc. (ERBA) to address the demands of community improvements.  

ERBA Inc. provides community engagement services that identify community support for projects elements, community insights that improve projects and uncovers potential controversies that stop, delay or increase project costs.  Our methods and practices are transparent and guided by high standards of integrity, ethical judgments, and professionalism.