ERBA Inc. created and led community engagement sessions with diverse groups on a variety of issues. The following is a partial list of prior ERBA Inc. projects:

Capitolo Playground Field Renovation Project:  
The Capitolo Playground Field Renovation Project, 900 Federal Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147, was led by ERBA Inc., as part of the Philadelphia Rebuild Initiative Project. ERBA, Inc. held three community meetings to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To inform the Capitolo Playground community about the project scope (redesign the playground’s sports fields and make renovations to the playground’s fencing, benches, field lighting, trees, and shrubbery).
  2. Solicit community opinions and ideas to guide the design team’s work.
  3. To generate community enthusiasm and engagement, as the project progressed.

ERBA began the community engagement process, by meeting with the Capitolo Playground Advisory Council and obtaining their enthusiastic support for the project.

The second meeting drew more than seventy neighbors, and the final meeting drew up to one hundred and twenty-five, men, women, and children. During the week, all meetings were held in the evenings.
The Capitolo Playground Field Renovation Project was a huge success thanks to ERBA’s community engagement efforts.

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Clark Park Renewal Project:
Clark Park, an urban park in the University City section of Philadelphia, needed improvements and a new vision, according to residents.

ERBA Inc. created and implemented a customized community engagement process to identify future park improvements, challenges, and goals. 

40th Street Business Corridor Forums Project:
Resident, business owners, patrons, and other stakeholders hoped for a thriving and dynamic corridor, that would welcome visitors and attract new business ventures to West Philadelphia.

To help residents express their desires for needed corridor improvements, ERBA Inc. used targeted community engagement strategies based on urban design guidelines.

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52nd Street Train Station Revitalization Project:
Residents in West Parkside wanted to learn more about the reopening of the commuter rail station and the potential changes to the community, such as nearby playgrounds and parks. ERBA created and implemented community engagement activities to help residents envision future community changes.


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Kimmel Center Public Spaces Project:
Supporters of Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center wished to improve the Kimmel Center’s public spaces. ERBA Inc. led discussions at the Kimmel about improving public spaces through community engagement practices and design principles.


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Great Expectations Citizens Conversation Project:
Residents from various parts of Philadelphia wanted to discuss issues such as the city’s recreation centers, parks, budget, environment,
municipal services, changing neighborhoods, and other concerns. ERBA Inc. used community engagement practices to guide discussions on many of these issues, including the effects on the local recreation centers and parks.