mobility strategies


ERBA develops and implements creative transportation solutions for our customers.




West Philadelphia Reverse Commute: Transport to Work
ERBA proposed the West Philadelphia Reverse Commute: Transport to Work Program to meet the needs of West Philadelphia job seekers. Workers would be transported from West Philadelphia to employment centers in suburban counties around Philadelphia. Needs analysis, regional job market surveys, critical path modeling, and break-even analysis were performed to determine future program sustainability and success. This program was part of the Philadelphia Empowerment Zone package submitted to HUD by The City of Philadelphia.

Healthy Start Maternity Transport Program
ERBA, Inc. created and implemented the Healthy Start Maternity Transport Program for the City of Philadelphia Health Department.  This innovative and successful program provided pregnant women, their children, and caregivers with mobility services to and from 8 city public health clinics and health centers for appointments. Clients received family planning, prenatal and pediatric examinations, and information about private ambulance service for women in labor.

Broker Transportation Services
Companies such as Nelson Medical Associates contracted our excellent transportation services for their clients’ appointments.