ERBA is experienced in providing advocacy testimony.  This tool is used for strategic planning and policy-making.  Advocacy testimony brings to light how changes to a current policy or law can improve a community.

United States Congressional Committee
Provided testimony before the U. S. House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, Subcommittee on Human Resources and Intergovernmental Relations, urging Congress to give local communities greater flexibility with federal assistance programs, as outlined in H.R. 2086.

Pennsylvania Transportation Committee
Testified to the needs of West Philadelphia job seekers who travel to jobs in Philadelphia’s suburban counties.  This resulted in the City of Philadelphia adopting a Reverse Commute Program.  

Schuylkill Valley Metro
Presented testimony before SEPTA‘s Schuylkill Valley Metro Major Investment Study/Draft Environmental Impact Statement open house.  This testimony documented mobility needs of West Philadelphia job seekers in traveling to jobs in suburban counties.